Launch X431 V plus HD3 Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool

Launch X-431 V+ HD3 is a modified version of the multi-brand scanner Launch X-431 Pro which, in its new edition, received a more powerful tablet and a diagnostic function for heavy duty vehicles. The device includes all the advantages of the Pro series and is presented with advanced diagnostic algorithms that allow you to quickly and deeply test the car. The complete set HD – is intended for trucks diagnostic.


Launch X431 HD3 Functions:
Identification of control units
Adaptation of control units
Reset service intervals
Reading vehicle data streams
Display of current system parameters
Check actuators
Reading and erasing vehicle fault codes

Supported heavy duty vehicle list:



My Purchase experience MB STAR Diagnosis System Compact3

I purchased a Chinese MB STAR Diagnosis System (SDS) Compact3 (C3) on the Internet purely  for educational purposes and so that I could experiment with some of the settings in my W220  S500, especially to do with my pet subject, the Automatic Climate Control (ACC).


Purchasing, owning, setting up and using a SDS has turned out to be an extremely difficult project and one not to be undertaken lightly. There is a plethora of information available on SDS on the Internet but unfortunately it is mostly non constructive, quite often abusive, and fairly often not available without paying a fee to some very enterprising people. My SDS as supplied came without any installation instructions other than a couple of crude videos and an out of date pamphlet for the RS232 Card.

After a lot of assumptions and several emails to the supplier, I eventually got connected and began cautiously testing the various functions and capabilities of SDS. I particularly like the Workshop Information System and the StarFinder applications and have used them many times to date. I have yet to have a real need to use DAS but began self training just in case, and progressed to the point where I could exercise the cabin lights (easy to watch from outside the vehicle) and got to the stage of opening and closing various flaps on the ACC. I was able to read out the list of fault codes stored in my vehicle and was surprised to find a transmission issue which has been there for several years.

I then learnt the hard way that installing and switching on the SDS on a laptop connected to the Internet results in the system automatically downloading SDS “Addons” and in the process, it seems, being “Black Listed” by MB thus preventing the MUX from working/connecting. I could still use Xentry in simulation mode, ie with no vehicle connected, and this is extremely useful for training purposes, but I just could not get the SDS to connect again to my vehicle. It took me two months of full time research and experimentation in order to recover from my predicament. I then ran into the problem that it seems all Benz Star diagnosis C3 SDS have in that they are prone to cease working three months after the date of the SDS Version. In my case an application or “patch” was provided which reset the SDS software. My guidelines should avoid the need to do this in future as I now always configure the laptop date at my SDS Version plus one month, at the start of each session.

My most important and unexpected discovery was that the RS232 data link is temperamental if operated at the recommended baud rate of 115,200 bps. It seems that the MUX provided could not cope with these high data rates. My SDS worked at 57,600 bps but to be on the safe side I have set host and guest COM2 settings to 19,200 9,600 bps and the SDS is now very reliable and connects every time. (Later note: I now have set COM2 baud rate to 9,600 bps as it seems even more stable. I couldn’t be bothered changing all the figures. I just replaced ‘19,200’ with ‘19,200 9,600’ throughout the document.) I also think the order in which you connect is important and I have slightly adapted a procedure suggested by Taztheman.

GM Tech 2 Clone Reliable or Not? Purchase – Package – Programming Tips

This is advice for those have problems:

– what do you think of Tech 2 made in china?
– Is there any software close to Tech 2 to be bought which has access to all hummer h2 modules?

Many thanks all contribution from MixManSC like to share his experience with all.


I bought my Tech2 from China and it works great.

I cannot speak for any on Aliexpress or Amazon. I’ve seen both good and bad reviews on the ones from there.. Regardless it would not matter as again, I have no way of knowing if one from some seller on there will be a good one or not.

It is also worth spending the extra to get the case which does cost a good bit more. These come with a lot of different adapters and parts and the case makes it very nice and easy to keep it all together.

This is the kit that I ordered. It also includes the Candi module which is needed for many newer model GM vehicles.

Newest Vetronix Tech2 Diagnostic Scanner Working for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU

Note: China tech2, Palmer ScanXL Pro and EASE

I’ve got 3 different scanners, a China tech2, Palmer ScanXL Pro with enhanced GM software and EASE Diagnostics with enhanced software for both chevy and hummer.

The Car Scanner Tech2 is the best, palmer ScanSL Pro is very good at pulling trouble codes from all GM modules but does not have bidirectional control while EASE is good software its had issues with pulling all codes from all modules but it has bidirectional capabilities. The Tech2 can do it all up to 2013 along with programming modules if you have the software and security key up to 2007 models.


The “Candi” module is needed for GM vehicles with the newer electrical systems. On an H2 the “Candi” module would be required for an 08/09 model. I’m not sure what years on an H3 and other GM vehicles.

On any of them you must have the 32MB card (GM North America)

The plastic case adds to the cost but is worth it as the full kit is a lot of separate pieces and the case gives you one place in a custom fitted case to keep it all neatly versus all dumped into a cardboard box.

The TIS2000 software/USB Key are really NOT needed unless you want to reprogram ones of the many various computer modules in your vehicle with software updates. To use the TIS2000 software you will need to install it on an older PC running Windows 98, Windows XP, or Windows 7 (32 bit) and will need a serial port to connect to the Tech2. As an example though, my 2003 had multiple modules with updated software which CAN fix problems. One I remember is my air ride module had an update that fixed the compressor running much more often than needed.

Hummer H2 Programming tips & guides:

Actually it does the programming just fine on newer than 2007 GM vehicles BUT you must pay for an ACDelco TDS subscription for vehicles above 2007 and you would use the CANDI module that comes with many of the Tech2’s for working with CAN bus vehicles. You can subscribe for as little as two days for $55.

This is ONLY needed if you want to program or update the software in a module. ALL of the build in diagnostics and testing for vehicles up to 2013 works without the subscription or the older TIS2000 software. You only need those for doing actual programming. The older TIS2000 software – that is what has the programming was discontinued in 2007. TIS2000 does have the actual programming for all vehicles up to 2007. After 2007 GM went to the TDS system.

You can also get a newer style MDI or MDI 2 for diagnostics and programming. The catch with those. They have NO screen or built in software and you must pay for a subscription from from ACDelco TDS to use an MDI.

Other brand units, a very select few can do actual programming and use the pass-through method. NONE have the diagnostics that the actual Tech2 or MDI (with the subscription) will have. Check with Autel and see if they have the full diagnostics and re-calibration for the rear air suspension on a Hummer H2. Not going to happen, there is too little demand for them to hack and reverse engineer that particular bit of code in a Tech2 to figure out the diagnostics and then write programming for that for their tool.

For programming you also need to have TIS2000 running on a computer or pay GM for a 24 month subscription for their TIS2WEB (Vehicle Programming) for $40
The computer will need a serial port for downloading the programming to the Tech II for programming your vehicle.
The way programming works is you connect the Tech2 to the vehicle and tell it you want to program a module. It interrogates all of the modules on the vehicle for the current versions and the VIN number. You then connect it to the computer running TIS2000, GlobalTIS, or TIS2WEB subscription and select programming in the computer. It reads the Tech2 for the vehicle info and then presents you with a list of software for all of the modules and shows you which have updated software. I recommend only doing one module at a time which is a good bit more back and forth but safer. The computer then loads the update to the Tech2. You take that back to the vehicle and connect it and it then programs the module.
The best, most reliable and safest method is to use a long enough serial cable (its uses 9 pin serial adapters with an ethernet cable to make the cable longer – so you can just use a longer network cable) and do pass-through programming. In that method the process is the same but you leave the Tech2 connected to both the computer and the vehicle at the same time. Once you select programming on the Tech2 then go to the computer and you can immediately update each module right from the computer.

There is a slightly more updated version of standalone TIS2000 floating around on the web which has additional updates that has software updates for vehicles through 2009 as well. I know just using that TIS2000 both my GMC truck and my 2003 H2 both had

a bunch of software updates available to be programmed all of which fix small issues or improve certain aspects. One example in on the older single compressor air ride like my 2003. Those would run and make small adjustments a LOT more often than needed and the software update fixed that. On the H2 the rear air ride is also one to be very careful of for doing software updates though. For example, my 2003 came with the earlier style single compressor but if it were to fail a dealership would replace it with the newer style dual pump compressor. Programming would still think its the original style and would attempt to program it and that would actually cause it to fail. TIS2000, (Global, Web, etc) will warn you about this sort of thing though so just heed all warnings and follow instructions and its fine.

The programming aspect is not needed or required to use the Tech2. The Tech2 still gives you a TON of diagnostics and tests that NO other OBD device has including things like the air ride module, detailed BCM functions, basically you can control and test every computer module in the vehicle.

btw, HUMMER is not shown in the GM vehicle list… because that little short list is incorrect and only shows a few of the earlier than 2007 CAN bus vehicles.


Cannot really compare software with a gm Tech2 as that is comparing hardware to a program. That being said, there is a software side of things that work alongside the Tech2 which is the TIS2000 software. Getting that working is a bit of a project in and of itself as the software is old and seems to work best on Windows XP. The TIS2000 software is really not needed to use the Tech2 though – that is needed if you want to update the firmware in the various modules in your vehicle like the ECU, BCM, DDM, etc.

Simply put though. There is no other tool that can do everything on Hummer H2 that the Tech2 can do. It is the only tool with things that are very specific like calibrating the rear air suspension module. Other tools can be very powerful but that are mostly just have features that are common to many vehicles and will not have things that are specific to just one or two vehicles.

New Holland Electronic Service Tools

CNH DPA5 Diagnostic Kit is Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 New Holland Diagnostic Tool. CNH DPA5 kit diagnostic tool from with Dearborn DPA5 Diagnostic CNH Est software for New Holland diagnostics. this CNH DPA5 Kit Diagnostic interface is working 2 CAN and Kline for the diagnostic CASE and New Holland with IVECO Engine with EASY under EST.


CNH DPA5 Kit Diagnostic interface functions:

  • Check the status of parameters;
  • Retrieve faults;
  • Run diagnostic tests;
  • Make ECU and parameter programming;
  • Monitor active and logged diagnostics;
  • View and change ECU configuration;
  • View diagnostic procedures and schematics;
  • Troubleshoot problems;
  • Use asist database;
  • Run scope diagnostics.


CNH Engine Download Tool operates from within the EST program to perform the following engine download operations:

  • Provide Engine Control Unit (ECU) programing update capability;
  • Provide blank ECU initialization and programming capability;
  • Provide ECU programming reassignment for blank and other ECUs;
  • Provide ECU download crash recovery.


NOTE: This  DPA5 can  perform diagnostic, programming and ECU reload by K-Line protocol with E.A.S.y software for Iveco engines.

JulHow does Launch X431 V+ HD3 with HD III module Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool work?


Launch X-431 V+ is a brand new advanced automotive fault diagnostic tool based on Android system. It passes on Launch advantages in automotive fault diagnostic technology, such as wide Car and Truck model coverage, powerful function, abundant special function and accurate test data, etc.


The HD module must work on any of the x431 v plus or pro3 or pad ii account which old customer have purchased before and have been activated by LAUNCH already.


As the 3rd generation of heavy-duty module, it works as a vehicle communication interface device, which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the X-431 V+ via wireless BT/WLAN communication. The LED indicators enable you to easily identify the working status of the module.



1 DC-IN power jack: For connecting the power adaptor.


2 Diagnostic socket: For connecting the diagnostic cable.


3.LED indicators: It is defined as follows:

Vehicle: While communicating with the vehicle, the indicator lights up and flashes. Otherwise, it will not illuminate.

Power: It illuminates solid red when the module is powered on.

BT: Blue indicates the module is working in wireless BT mode.

I/O: It lights up when the module is connected to the diagnostic tool via data cable (Currently disabled and only reserved for subsequent function extension).

Wireless: It lights up when the module works as a wireless hotspot or network adaptor.


4.Data I/O port: Currently disabled and only reserved for subsequent function extension.

Second is HD-III module features in BT/WLAN communication.

HD-III module: send the vehicle data to the diagnostic tool via wireless Bluetooth or Wlan

WIFI module:


Frequency range: 2412-2472MHz

Transmit power: 19.29dBm

Wireless BT module:


Frequency range: 2402-2480MHz

Transmit power: 16.62dBm


How does X-431 V+ system work?



How to connect HD-III module to the vehicle?




  1. For commercial vehicles, refer to the above connection method to proceed.
  2. For passenger vehicles, replace the “Non-16pin connector” with “OBD I adaptor” +“non-16pin connector (for passenger vehicles)”. Other connections shall also apply.


X-431 HD III heavy truck module overseas online configuration Software List

No. Software Name Code
1  X431, USA FORD Diagnostic Software diesel  X109023737
2  After the X431, heavy card processing system diagnostics software  X109023578
3  ASTRA diagnostic software  X109020875
4  Benz heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020609
5  Bosch diesel diagnostic software  X109020750
6  BREMACH diagnostic software  X109020876
7  China heavyduty diagnostic Software  X109020831
8  Cummins heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020611
9  DAF diagnostic software  X109020827
10  ERF diagnostic software  X109020980
11  FAW Liberation diagnostic software  X109020828
12  Foton Auman diagnostic software  X109020856
13  FUSO diagnostic software  X109020874
14  Hino diagnostic software  X109020926
15  Hyundai heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020830
16  Isuzu heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020612
17  Iveco heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020614
18  JAC heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020858
19  Mack heavyduty diagnostic software  X109022648
20  MAN diagnostic software  X109020838
21  OBD heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020613
22  SCANIA diagnostic software  X109020873
23  Shangchai diagnostic software  X109020760
24  Volvo heavyduty diagnostic software  X109020610
25  WP diesel diagnostic software  X109022656
26  X431, Airbus diagnostic software  X109023030
27  X431, ALLISON transmission box diagnosis software  X109022055
28  X431, Ashok Rejlander the diagnostic software  X109023442
29  X431, Caterpillar heavy vehicles Diagnostic Software  X109023660
30  X431, Chai heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109022916
31  X431, Chaoyang Diesel diagnostic software  X109021439
32  X431, construction machinery diagnostic software  X109021203
33  X431, CREDO heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021363
34  X431, DETROIT engine diagnostic software  X109022057
35  X431, Dongfeng commercial vehicle diagnostic software  X109021436
36  X-431, Dongfeng Yufeng diagnostic software  X109021497
37  X431, Freightliner heavy-duty truck diagnostic software  X109020867
38  X431, full diesel diagnosis software  X109021492
39  X431, HD ABS system diagnostic software  X109023557
40  X431, hd_goldendragon diagnostic software  X109023028
41  X431, hd_international vehicle diagnostic software  X109022898
42  X431, HD_TATA diagnostic software  X109023808
43  X431, hd_western_star vehicle diagnostic software  X109022899
44  X431, heavy truck presentation software  X109023652
45  X431, heavy vehicles Jiangling diagnostic software  X109023625
46  X431, IRISBUS heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021293
47  X431, IRIZAR heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021292
48  X431, NEOPLAN heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021291
49  X431, Renault diagnostic software for heavy vehicles  X109020839
50  X431, SETRA heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021289
51  X431, SITCAR heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109021290
52  X431, Stannic bavin diagnostic software  X109021441
53  X431, Sterling heavy vehicle diagnostic software  X109022897
54  X431, Sunlong bus ( SUNLONG ) diagnostic software  X109022696
55  X431, sunwin bus ( SUNWIN ) diagnostic software  X109022697
56  X431, UD Trucks 2F Nissan Diesel Diagnostic Software  X109021018
57  X431, Yang Chai engine diagnostic software  X109023543
58  X431, Zhongtong bus ( ZHONGTONG BUS ) diagnostic software  X109022705
59  X431,BONLUCK diagnostic software  X109021709
60  X431,HD_KENWORTH deagnostic software  X109022888
61  Yuchai diagnostic software  X109020747

VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS3 License and Laptop FAQ

Q: Does VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS3 support French?
A: Yes. You can configure language by yourself.

Q: Can I use my personal computer?
A: No, the computer and the device is bound together. Because The Piwis III is bound with the encrypted chip. If you unplug the hard disk and insert into the other computer, then the software will has no nonsense.

Q: Can i add Porsche piwis3 authorization to the vxdiag full device?
A:  Yes, only to VXDIAG FULL multi device. But need to purchase laptop additionally to use with PIWIS3.
But if you buy VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS3 hardware, you are able to add other car brand license.

Q: Can i add Mercedes and BMW and Land Rover license to VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS3 hardware?
A: Yes.  it can.

Q: What’s the difference between VXDIAG PIWIS2 and PIWIS3?
A: PIWIS3 has all functions of PIWIS II. PIWIS3 supports newer Porsche model with DoIP protocol, PIWIS2 does not.

Q: Is it online access possible for VXDIAG Porsche?
A: Yes, but you need online access account. We don’t provide the account.

Q:Will porsche piwis 3 access 2018 GT3 RS and 2016 GT3 RS?
A: Yes. it will.

Q: Will Piwis III renew ECU. Can i pay you for online programming service?
A: PIWIS3 will renew ECU on Porsche. We don’t provide online programming service.

Q: Will PIWIS3 do new ECU programming or initialization?  It is a Porsche 911 GT3 2015.
A:  Yes. It will.

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro review on Chrysler diagnostics, oil reset, SRS ETC

Got one Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO to play with, it’s really a very good tool and I recommend it, so I’d like to share what I can do with it.


A really nice case, hard plastic case.

You can see USB cable, OBDII connection cable, the quick guide as well as the thick book of user manual which tell you everything what you need to know.
The unit is not heavy, surrounded by solid rubber, it is not easy to slide on the ground.
You have “OK” button, up/down & left/right button, Esc button & help button and some slack buttons right here.
On the top for the OBD2 cable connectors.
On the bottom you have USB port, and you also have Micro SD Card Slot which is a 16GB sand disk.

I suggest you read the quick guide firstly and the user manual. You can see Autel MD808 Pro offers OBDII diagnostic function for the 1996 year & the newer vehicles, and many service functions e.g

Oil reset, EPB, SAS, self-calibration, DPF, BMS etc.


Now I have 2015 Dodge Ram to do. What a really nice it the OBDII port is next to the door..
Let’s to do scan, tap “Scan”, go down to “USA”, Chrysler.


Processing data, please wait…let’s see what will happen.
Diagnostic system initializing…
Star new session.
Set the ignition switch to on (position 2)
Diagnostic system initializing…
You have two choices: Auto scan and control unit. I just go to “Auto scan”.
autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-15 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-16
Let’s do a quick to read the ECU information, because it doesn’t give you everything.
It gives model and VIN, body style.
It can read the information like this.
Live data is quick read out.

I want to go back and go to the service.
Service: Oil reset
Autel MD802 allows to do oil reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS etc.

Oil reset – USA – Chysler, let’s see what happens here.


autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-25 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-26 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-27 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-28 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-29

Here we go reset enhanced automatic oil change indicator. It will take serveral minutes to make sure what you want to do.
autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-31 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-32 autel-maxidiag-md808-pro-review-on-2015-dodge-ram-33
Engine oil life remaining: 0%
Continue to reset oil life. Tap “OK”.
Oil change indicator has been reset.
OBDII option
Let’s go to “OBDII” scan.
Autel MD808 found 2 codes.

Read codes.


Erase codes.
Erase done, just like that.
So before you actually erase the codes, be sure you fix the problem. Because we’ll go ahead the keys here.

Thanks for reading, hope it is helpful.
I absolutely love this scanner Autel Scanner MD808 pro. It does everything what I want it to do. I pay for what I get.